Generation Absolution de Kaskadeur : Nouveauté en écoute

Generation Absolution de Kaskadeur est le second extrait de l’album Phantom Vibrations disponible au printemps 2023.

Paroles Generation Absolution de Kaskadeur

I sell the hope and take the fear
Paint the struggle in true colours
A piece of art for you to frame
See through the veil like the old masters
Peace of mind for you to own
You’re looking for the promise of resolve

I tell the story unto others
Decide what they hold dear
A memory for you to distort
I offer food for thought
I tell the lie and eat the fear
A meme for you to understand
The promise of resolve

I am feeding your addiction you are feeding mine
I cannot heal your affliction even over time
I require your attention you desire mine
How much time can we be spending waiting for a sign?

Overdriven messages
A truth, a rip, a tear
Crying at your shoulders
Venting troubles we all share
Generation absolution
Permission to strip bare
Pouring out our hearts to you
Hoping you might care

I sing a song of good and evil
Shining epic, woeful tale
A record made for you to buy
A promise of resolve
You can hear beneath the static
A melody that lets you cry
A chorus you can sing along to
A promise of resolve

I sell hope and eat the fear
I decide what you hold dear
I sell hope and eat the fear

Pour marque-pages : Permaliens.

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